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NOTE: I gave a presentation on Defensive Computing at the HOPE conference in July 2022
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From A 5-Step Checklist for Handling Air Travel Woes on the Go by J. D. Biersdorfer (Aug. 2022). Third-party flight-tracker apps work across multiple airlines and can provide information not found in an airline app, such as data on other flights, airport delays and weather.

Flying soon? Flighty is a must-have iOS app for air travel by Jason Cipriani for ZDNet. Jan. 2, 2023 Quoting: "If you're flying anytime soon and have an iPhone, Flighty's near real-time alerts, which give an abundance of information and live activities support, make it a must-have." A family subscription is $90/year. The first trip in the app is free. A few hours before your scheduled flight, there is an alert letting you know the plane you're going to fly on is on its way to the airport and whether it's on time or not. You can see where your plane is 25 hours before your scheduled flight. Once your incoming plane lands, you'll get an alert. And then another when it arrives at the gate.



If you are staying in a Hotel that has an app, you may be able to check in via the app. If so, the sooner you do, the sooner your room will be ready. If you fail to check in, then show up late, the hotel may give away your reservation.

How to prevent customs agents from copying your phone's content by Tatum Hunter for the Washington Post. September 2022. American citizens can refuse to unlock their devices for CBP agents and still enter the country. However, CBP may keep your devices for months. Noncitizens can be denied entry if they do not unlock their devices. Power down devices before going through customs. Use a separate phone or laptop for traveling, one that does not have sensitive data on it. The article does not mention TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt. It is, after all, written by a reporter, not a techie.

See also the Airbnb topic.

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