A Defensive Computing Checklist    by Michael Horowitz
NOTE: I gave a presentation on Defensive Computing at the HOPE conference in July 2022
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Consider your Gmail password critically important. Never tell it to anyone. Do not use your Gmail password for anything else. If there is a chance you might forget it, write it down on paper twice and store each copy in different secure places.

To me, the biggest issue with Gmail is that it is free. Any free service comes at the price of no technical support. If something goes wrong with Gmail (or your Google account) tough luck. In my opinion, email is important enough that it is worth paying for, just to get technical support.

We saw a stark example of this in August 2022, when a father was banned by Google for taking pictures of the rash on his toddler to send to a doctor (A Dad Took Photos of His Naked Toddler for the Doctor. Google Flagged Him as a Criminal). There are many aspects to the story, but the one I want to emphasize here is that this was clearly a mistake by Google. The Police opened a case and closed it quickly as any person could easily tell it was a mistake. But there was no person at Google to talk to.

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