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Ads and privacy in the Android Uber app (from app version 4.504.10003 January 2024)
Account tab at bottom -> Settings ->

October 2022: Uber Plans to Advertise to You At Every Stage of Your Ride, Using Your Own Data by Kyle Barr for Gizmodo. The article says that users should be able to opt out of this through the Uber app. The Press Release from Uber does not say that.

January 2, 2022: A special warning to Uber customers about malicious email that really looks like it came from Uber. More in this article: Uber ignores vulnerability that lets you send any email from Uber.com by Ax Sharma for Bleeping Computer.

FYI: Share your trips with family and friends from Uber (undated)


Lyft FYI: Sharing your ride location with friends and family from Lyft (undated)

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