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From Google: Manage privacy settings has sections on managing history, managing activity and managing privacy for kids. A great place to start.

Many YouTube controls are part of your Google account. For example, the Google Account Data and Privacy section has settings for YouTube Search and Watch History.

To prevent videos on youtube.com from auto-playing: When a video is playing, look at the bottom of the video. In the middle is auto play control. It's a slider that moves left/right. More: Auto-play videos. There is a similar option in the mobile app: Click on your profile in the upper right corner -> Settings -> Autoplay.


From Google: View, delete, or turn on or off watch history. Quoting: "YouTube watch history makes it easy to find videos you recently watched, and, when it’s turned on, allows us to give relevant video recommendations. You can control your watch history by deleting or turning off your history. "

Google not only saves the videos you have watched, but also the things you search for on YouTube.

To configure automatic deleting of YouTube history, logon to the Google website. Then go to
  https:// myactivity.google.com/activitycontrols
Click on YouTube History -> Manage history -> Auto-delete -> set your preferred time range
Note that if something is in a Paused status, it is still keeping a history. To set it to auto-delete, you will have to enable it first.

How to delete YouTube search history from the Brave browser. No specific author cited. Last updated July 17, 2023. When you sign into YouTube, they can keep a record of everything you do on the site: what you watch, search for, even what you preview. This tracking allows the site to recommend new videos based on your tastes. But YouTube is part of Google, which raises legitimate questions about who has access to your data.


Parents on both iOS and Android can give their children a supervised account for YouTube viewing. These accounts offer three content settings:

  1. channels approved for ages 9 and older, but no livestreams
  2. channels deemed OK for kids 13 and up, including livestreams
  3. anything that is not labeled 18+

Parents can also use a supervised account to block specific channels.

From Google: YouTube Age-restricted content.

For children with standard YouTube accounts, there is a restricted mode that helps filter bad stuff. Computers in libraries, universities, and other public institutions may have Restricted Mode turned on by a network administrator. In the mobile app:
Settings -> General -> Restricted mode
For more see: Turn Restricted Mode on or off on YouTube


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